Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Printable Party Invitations Online

Today, I'd be writing about making professional party invitations that you can design yourself and print online. The online service I'd be describing is the Design and print Online service from I'd try to be as clear as possible, but please comment if you have any question. Here we go:
  • First signup for an account at if you haven't already done so.
  • Simply login with your account.
  • Click on create a card. The online designer launches in the next page, it might take a few seconds
  • Now for the fun stuff. Select a background for your Party Invitation choosing from over 600 backgrounds with many themes.

  • There are 3 important icons here in the top navigation, see above screen short of the designer, simply mouse over each to see what they are for. The icons I'm talking about are closest to the trash icon. They are: "Select Background", "Adjust Background", and "Select graphics object". Select background is as the name suggest. Simply select a background theme for your party invitations. Sometimes, when the background does not fill the entire designer, click on "Adjust backgroun", which basically makes the image fill the entire work area for the designer.

  • The "Select graphics object", are used to add cliparts to your design. Sometimes you may have to adjust the size of the clipart. Just drag the edge of the graphics object to change the size of the image to your taste.
  • You can alway upload you own backgrounds (such as a family photo) into the designer.

  • You can easily add text to your design so far by clicking on the "T" Icon the left navigation and placing it anywhere on the designer.

  • Always save your work as you go along. Click the Save button on the top navigation.
  • To print or email you invitation to friends, simply click on the top left icon. A dialog appears with a print button towards the bottom as well as a form you can fill to send the invitation to a friend.
  • That's it!


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